Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winding it down...

Well, it all comes to an end tomorrow.  I will be sending my babies on to fourth grade. It is that they have been so successful this year, but gonna miss them like crazy.  I found out a few weeks ago that my husband is being transferred with his job so we will be moving our family.  It has been a hard time....we have made so many wonderful friends here. It will be especially difficult to leave this class knowing I may not see some of them again. I know there will be lots of tears.  It was really sad as I put together their sacks today, but it gave me a moment to reflect on each individual student and how they blessed me this year. Here are some pics of their bags.

They created a Bio Poem art project the first week of school. I saved and attached it to their end of the year sack full of work from the school year.


  1. These are so cute!! Best wishes to you and your move. I'm your newest follower!!


    One Fab Teacher

  2. Thanks, Tiffany!! I will post pics when we get moved.

  3. Wendy-We nominated your blog for the Liebster award! Check out the info about it on our blog!:)
    2nd to None
    Jen and Cheryl